Your kitchen project, no matter the scale, will take time, money and energy. You are investing in the most marketable area of your home, and the most important. After all, life happens in the kitchen. It is where we gather, where we cook, eat and play. So as you choose storage, surfaces, appliances and lighting, why not select a special feature (or several) that excites you?
Love to settle down in the evening with a glass of wine? Check out wine coolers and beverage center options. Wish the dog food bag wasn’t stuffed in the cabinet with the rest of the “people food” in the house? Consider a pet center.
The options for kitchen designs are such that if you can dream it, you can do it. Meanwhile, as technology advances, our appliances get smarter. How would you like to “talk” to your oven while you’re driving home from work, tell it to preheat and get dinner going? It’s possible. Take a look at these specialty features for kitchens.

Wine Cooler
Ideal for wine connoisseurs, including a wine cooler in your kitchen allows you to regulate the temperature of your wine and easily access chilled beverages for guests. Photo courtesy of True Manufacturing Company

Warming Drawer
Great for homeowners who love to entertain, warming drawers keep food warm without removing its moisture, allowing you to prepare various dishes in advance and serve them all at the same time. Photo courtesy of Dacor
Pot Filler
Add convenience to your kitchen by pairing a pot filler with your range. Photo courtesy of the National Kitchen & Bath Association
Recycling Center
Kitchen recycling centers are a convenient solution for keeping recyclables out of sight yet easily within reach. Photo courtesy of Merillat Cabinetry LLC
Children’s Snack Center
Perfect for families with young children, this snack center provides easy access to food and beverages, preventing the messes that result from little hands reaching for snacks in upper cabinets. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Pet Food Center
Include your pet in the design of your kitchen by adding a pet food center to keep their eating area clean and organized.

Built-In Coffeemaker
Built-in coffeemakers grind, brew and serve hot coffee or espresso with the touch of a button. Most also feature frothing systems for cappuccinos and dispense hot water for tea. Photo courtesy of Bosch

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